Flowing Sun Salutation Assists

This short 1 minute video demonstrates how to provide physical assists to your students as they flow through Sun Salutation. Offering physical assists may help  bring your students into a deeper state of postural understanding. This flow is a great place to start. Thanks to YTPA member, Shalanne for demonstrating this flow.

Happy Hips

Release tension and increase mobility with this medium level, hip-focussed, 20 minute sequence. Expect a juicy combination of Hatha hip work followed by a full-body vinyasa designed to leave the hip area stretched and pain-free. Thanks to YTPA member, Shalanne for demonstrating this flow.

Gentle Hatha

Enjoy this 30 minute sequence of passive yoga postures designed to deeply stretch the major muscles of the body. This practice is slow and meditative, perfect for before bed or when you’re feeling introspective.

Full Body Flow

A 35 minute quick and dirty vinyasa flow incorporating playful balancing postures like Dancer, Tree and Standing Splits. Get a glow on with sequencing designed to keep you guessing and target every part of your body with backbends, side bends, forward folds and inversions. With all the work you’re doing to prep for yoga teacher life, it’s important not to take your practice too seriously!

Intro to Yin Yoga

This video is an introduction to the modern style of yin yoga. Use the practice to de-stress and deeply stretch the muscles of the body as well as access the connective tissue.

If you’ve watched this before and you want to skip the explanation, the practice begins at 1:15.