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Laura Martini Meditation
Metta Meditation
The Metta Meditation is a 5 minute, guided meditation inspired by the Metta Meditations of the Buddhist tradition. This meditation
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guided meditation
Meditation for Intention Setting
This meditation will help you connect with your inner desires and set intentions that come from the heart. Allow 10 minutes
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breathing meditation for beginners
Beginner’s Breathing Meditation
This is a great meditation for practitioners new to meditation as it keeps the awareness focused on the breath. Allow
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meditation for relaxation
Meditation for Deep Relaxation or Sleep
Use this meditation to drop into a deep state of calm or to cure insomnia. Allow 6 minutes. 
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self doubt meditation
Meditation for Self Doubt
This particular meditation harnesses the power of the third chakra to increase confidence and internal fire. Allow 4 minutes.
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meditation for stress and anxiety
Meditation for Stress
This guided meditation is designed slow the heart rate and relax the mind. Allow 10 minutes.   
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yoga class for sleep and relaxation
Restorative Yoga for Sleep
Practice this 12-minute sequence right before bed to help you fall asleep and increase the quality of your sleep. Postures
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how to guide students through surya namaskar
Flowing Sun Salutation Assists
This short 1 minute video demonstrates how to provide physical assists to your students as they flow through Sun Salutation.
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hatha vinyasa hip opener sequence
Happy Hips
Release tension and increase mobility with this medium level, hip-focussed, 20 minute sequence. Expect a juicy combination of Hatha hip
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yoga class by laura martini
Power Strength Flow
In 30 minutes, get your heart rate pumping with a series of strong postures. Challenge your balance with Warrior 3,
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Gentle Hatha
Enjoy this 30 minute sequence of passive yoga postures designed to deeply stretch the major muscles of the body. This
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Yoga Teacher Prep
Full Body Flow
A 35 minute quick and dirty vinyasa flow incorporating playful balancing postures like Dancer, Tree and Standing Splits. Get a
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what is yin yoga
Intro to Yin Yoga
This video is an introduction to the modern style of yin yoga. Use the practice to de-stress and deeply stretch
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Surya Namaskar
Surya Namaskar (A&B)
Practice these traditional vinyasa flows first thing in the morning to increase energy and ensure you’ve got this foundational sequence
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Chandra Namaskar
Chandra Namaskar
Practice this grounding and hip-opening flow in the evening as a way to calm the body/mind and channel the energy
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Chaturanga Tips
Chaturanga Clinic
The worst thing about yoga teacher training can be how sore you get after the first day! Use this clinic
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How to Create a Profitable Yoga Retreat
Creating a Profitable Yoga Retreat
So many yoga teachers dream about hosting retreats but it's not all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, there are a
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