Q&A + Mentoring Call 4/21/2020

Here is a recording of Laura and Valerie answering student questions and sharing more tips on how to earn an income when you can’t teach in person. This was recorded on April 21, 2020. All members have access to live mentoring calls. Live call times are sent by email and posted in the Facebook Group. Send questions to info at yogateacherprep dot com.

Topics covered in this call:

0:49 – Kate’s question about going from offering free classes (as a new instructor) to charging.

11:15 Jenny’s question about how to tackle the courses in the academy. Where to start?

18:44 We share MORE ideas on how to make money right now (during the COVID-19 shutdown).

27:49 A reminder of the free guidance available to ALL Business Academy members.

Coaching Call March 26, 2020

Here is a recording of the live coaching call from March. 26, 2020. All members have access to live coaching calls. Live call times are sent by email and posted in the Facebook Group.

In this call, we discussed how COVID-19 is affecting yoga teachers, challenges around branding, building online businesses, being present on social media, and choosing a name (personal name vs business name).

Compass Pose Practice

finding true north in yoga

This sequence uses the peak pose Compass and can be themed around ‘finding direction’ or following one’s ‘true north’.                      


Compass Pose Practice


Quote by Stephen Covey from his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Sydney J Harris’ writing was popular in the ’70s. You can check out his most popular work in the book The Best of Sydney J Harris.

Fiery Flow

warming yoga seqence

This vinyasa flow practice is designed to balance the cold, contracting nature of winter with postures that are expansive and build heat. 

Fiery Flow

References – Dosha Quizzes (links provided for your convenience, they are not endorsements):

The Chopra Center

Pukka Herbs

Banyan Botanicals (requires email opt-in)


Flowing Sun Salutation Assists

This short 1 minute video demonstrates how to provide physical assists to your students as they flow through Sun Salutation. Offering physical assists may help  bring your students into a deeper state of postural understanding. This flow is a great place to start. Thanks to YTPA member, Shalanne for demonstrating this flow.

Happy Hips

Release tension and increase mobility with this medium level, hip-focussed, 20 minute sequence. Expect a juicy combination of Hatha hip work followed by a full-body vinyasa designed to leave the hip area stretched and pain-free. Thanks to YTPA member, Shalanne for demonstrating this flow.